October 8, 2010
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That’s what it is really,
This place here,
Where I’m kept:
Locked up, to keep me out of harm.
Every door is locked.
Every room is checked.
Everybody is kept apart.
A foot away they tell us.
Only simple conversation allowed,
Even about this attempt at food.
Not that it’s really food,
Smells and tastes revolting,
But at least it beats the clothes.
Baggy, uncomfortable clothes are all that’s allowed.
No laces,
Nothing violent,
Nothing with meaning.
Orders shouted:
Follow this:
Do that.
A defiant student arises.
A lock down is issued,
Surprisingly there are no chains,
No bras either,
Must be dangerous
Everything is dangerous,
Didn’t you know?
It’s really not fair,
This place here;
Where I’m kept,
Locked up to keep me out of harm.

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