A Picture to Remember

October 8, 2010
By Josefine Ritzinger BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Josefine Ritzinger BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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A Picture To Remember

One day my friend Isabel and i were dancing around in my living room for fun!

We were taking turns dancing random moves to random music.

It came up to be my turn and this crazy rap song with a funky beat starts to play.

I go out feeling a little bit awkward and a little bit embarrassed.

The more i danced the more i got into it and the more i got into it the weirder my moves were.

The music started to go faster and faster and played a jumpy beat i decided to do a arabest while jumping

I kick my leg behind me and jump on my standing leg.

But my kicking leg went up with such a force it took me with it.

I landed face first then stomach then my legs.

Whenever i think of it i see it in slow motion.

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