October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

We had finally arrived home
from our long vacation in Yellow Stone.
It was really early in the morning and
I kept falling in and out of sleep.

I wasn’t very happy, I like vacation,
so do mom and dad but they said
that we had to.

Mom was stuck unpacking
while dad was stuck changing my diaper
( I was about three at the time.)

In an instant, my dad dropped everything
and yelled - “Honey!
think we forgot Duke!”

I knew Duke was our pet dog
and my
best friend
but I wasn’t quite sure what those other
words meant...

My parents grabbed me and
out the door with only me and the keys


I was really excited,
I thought we were going on another
My parents didn’t look as happy as I was
but that didn’t matter to me.

We pulled up to a gas station
and from what i could see,
my best friend was in the middle of a
crowd of people.

My dad ran out and grabbed him.
He put Duke on my bed
and I gave him
a B I G hug

because he looked scared.

My dad gave a relieving sigh
and started driving again.

He later told me that those people
were about to take him but
I’m sure glad they didn’t.

This was the day we
forgot my best friend.

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