a Moment to Remember

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

a Moment to Remember

The time was near.
The moment that had been awaited by all fans of Harry Potter.
After many long years of waiting
The final book is finally here!

Midnight drew nearer,
an exited buzz filled the room.
Many guessed what would happen next.
“Dumbledore will rise from the dead!”
“Harry will kill Snape!”

The line begins to move,
exited screams begin to fill the room . . .
the moment we’ve all waited for,
We finally buy our copy of the book and we walk outside,

my dad raises the book high
he flips to the last page
he looks at the book and says loudly,
“as Harry and Voldemort lean in to kiss, Har-”
then distressed screams fill the air,
tears begin to run down a lady’s face nearby,

October 2010

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