The Floating room

October 8, 2010
By Sam Edmunds BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Sam Edmunds BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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The sun burns hot in the sky with out a single gust of wind.
The ocean’s waves press up on the island.
A five year old waits

and waits

and waits.

For the wall of people to fall.
For hours we press.
But eventually give up.

The long...

Ferry ride brings us back to where we came.
Ice cream cools the world.

The sun starts to fall...
The life of the night begins

We go up and up in to the sky...
To a room thats floating

The sun falls behind the ocean
We take some pictures
and go back from where we came.

Two days later the floating room falls
A war begins
A sad...
sad day we will all remember

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