As I put pen to paper

October 13, 2010
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As I put pen to paper.
Ink begins to mix,
With emotions that transfix,
My mind from reaching poetic bliss,
Which augments my mind,
To be able to seek the question I’ve been treading tine to find
What is wrong with world we world we live in,
Cuz leaders be chill-in’
Standing on podiums and declaring empty promises.
Promising that they’ll deliver us to lands of milk and homey,
When in fact, all that matters is money.
Cuz that’s how the world works these days,
Let’s back up and FREEZE FRAME the picture.
Scrutinize it, cuz that’s the world I live in!
As I put pen to paper…
Ink begins to pour,
Reciting Time lore,
Where we preferred peace over war,
And we were unscathed from the corruption that grasps us now.
Cuz we went from writing letters to MXing it. From sucking tit to ogling to tit. We are all dimwits, from sucking all the wits who are dim. Emulating it into an infectious disease.
As I put pen to paper…
Words begin to race through the passages of my mind,
I keep on searching, but I can’t find,
To the time where the Father made the world in six days,
And humans didn’t practice sinful ways
When Adam and Eve roamed the earth,
Giving birth,
A Generation, pure and holy.
But that wasn’t possible cuz then,
A snake crept in,
Venomized the cradle Baby Jesus slept in,
And hence corrupted the world we live in.
As I put pen to paper.
Words begin to infuse with phrases, fast-pacing in nerves, converse with my mind to utter spoken words, which in turn send signals to my mouth, and pours down to the tip of my pen.
As I put pen to paper…
I become.

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