Welcome to the world

October 13, 2010
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Welcome to freedom, my little one…
Welcome to the world my little one…
Welcome to love. Welcome to liberation. To the freedom of your people. Welcome. To a place where you have rights. To where you won’t be deprived. Of Freedom. Of Freedom of speech. Your right to live. To play. To Stay. In a place. A Safe place. A place where your rights are protected. And Gov doesn’t pick how long he stays in his seat, but is in fact by the people: elected.
Welcome to the world my little one.
Dream, my little one.
Dream on, my little one.
Welcome to THIS world, my little one.
Welcome to prison, where freedom of rights is regarded as treason. Where you will be deprived of rights, where instead of Nestle, you’re fed Big Gov’s lies. Welcome. Where your home is broken, Where corruption is your real home. Welcome to corruption. To a place where Deduction of rights exists. But deduction of taxes ceases to even co-exist.
Feel the cold my little one.
Feel the cold of these cold steel chains, that have fastened you for so long.
Feel the cold of being cast out. Left out. Cast out and Left out on the cold dark streets.
Dream, my little one. Dream of a bright future, but know it can only exist in your little head.
Know, my little one, that a darker future is the only dream that can exist in this world.
Cry, my little one. Cry the loudest that you can cry, but know this.
You can cry all you want, and never be heard.
Welcome my little one.
Welcome to the world.

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