Please Don't Talk With Your Hands

October 11, 2010
By , Grand Rapids, MI
I suppose you're right, it's time again

Took a look

but I can't remember

Because I had to kill the images
That haunt me
But I erased all of our memories...

and I think I've failed us.
How can I help you grow without a purpose
especially, when I have many forgotten lusts

for more worthy feelings

that I can recall

But I'm still a little confused.
Who are you?...

and why do you act like we've met?
Sure, you're gorgeous, but

I can't understand why I want to reach out
especially when you scare me so much.
Why am I scared of you, sir?
"What between us, has happened before?
Are we the chiefs, in our own sort of war?"
And the kind sir I thought I had figured out lashes away
I am struck down
But I get up, a simple misunderstanding won't stop me now
Why did I forget this?
He seems to be such an amazing guy...
He reaches out towards me,

and sends me tumbling to the floor
wishing to be forgiving

for whatever I may have did

I beg, and plead for more

I'm not sure why I did it...
but the pushing and shoving,
it seems like it's supposed to be...
it helps clear up my memory
He was there in the beginning...
and he's always stuck by my side
but why does it hurt?

And now I'm bloody, begging for him to stop
But he's already started
and there's no more door to escape from
nobody left to call the cops

I must have done something wrong,
I'm slow to admit.
And I'm just being taught a lesson.
I wish I didn't regret it
I will just succumb to him
Let him be pleased
Because I deserve the pain he wants to give me
I deserve to be punished

I'll just forget this incident
just like I forgot the others

I don't know why
I just know that's what was said
And I now understand

that he only will talk with his hands

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