Empty House.

October 14, 2010
By , San Antonio, TX
Silence stares back at me.
No open windows,
no barking dogs or laughing

Dust fills the spaces
where furniture past layed.
Nothing is here.
The silence use to be a peace to me,
but now this quietness
makes my ears start to bleed.

The light goes out now that the sun
begins to set.
I have no one,
and I have no bed
to lay upon.

It is empty and silent here.
I am alone and so is this house.

I lay upod the cold wooden floors,
finally ready to go to sleep.
My body shivers at the
freezing touch.
cars rush by.
Some with music blasting loud,
and others playing low.

It is the only noise I hear,
other than the silent voice singing
me to sleep in my head.

Turning onto my side,
I sigh.

What a quiet and lonely house
this is tonight.

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