The Love of God

October 14, 2010
Behold the Lord God Almighty, marvel in his glorious presence.
We are lesser than dirt when compared to him.
By the burden of sin, we do not deserve even the love of an ass.
But yet, the Lord still loves us so.
Every human on Earth is precious to him.
Even Satan is loved by the Lord God on high.
He despises evil deeds and sinful things.
But yet he still loves even those whom the whole world hates.
He gives us life, though we do not deserve it.
And in our ignorance, far too many disown him as their God.
Even people such as this, are loved by the Lord God Almighty.
It never fades and is overwhelmingly powerful.
No matter what we may do, in his heart he still loves us.
I tell you the truth, even Hitler could have hit his knees, and asked the Lord God for forgiveness for his deeds.
Despite the horrors that he had unleashed, if in his heart he is truly repentant, then the Lord will wipe away all of his sins.
No matter how numerous our sins are.
No matter how great our evil deeds are.
The Lord sees fit to forgive anyone who asks this of him.
Behold how great the Lord God Almighty loves us all!

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TimmothyMark said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 11:48 am
Comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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