White T-Shirt

October 14, 2010
By rachelwarren83 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
rachelwarren83 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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A plastic chair warmed by the sun on the porch
A lemon chill after a water ride at six flags
The smell of bleach making my eyes water
The glare of the sun on a car
A white tile floor
Fresh laundry hanging on a clothesline
A single white cloud in the sky
A peppermint dissolving in my mouth
A lazy day spent laying on the couch
Cracked eggshells in the sink
A big crooked toothed smile
The crest of an ocean wave
Running through a fountain in public
Playing tennis on a clay court
A cool breeze through an open car window
The keys of a piano
The soles of my brand new running shoes
Spending the whole day with you

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