All Because Of Love

October 18, 2010
When I said that I loved you,
I meant it.
When you said that you loved me,
I thought that you meant it.
But I guess you lied to me,
But why?
Was it to make me feel good?
Why did you have to break my heart?
So is what you tell me a fake too?
How can I trust you again,
after seeing you with her?
And the smile on my face,
hinds how I really feel.
And when you ask how I am,
I'll lie and say I'm fine.
And now my heart is in two,
because of you.
And you're the whole reason why,
I don't sleep at nite.
All because I loved you.

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Aerolin said...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm
its really straight forward, try showing ur ideas instead of telling them, otherwise it was pretty good :)
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