October 14, 2010
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When you look in the mirror what do you see
Do you see pain, the fear?
Once deep in the heart now covering the floor.
Do you see lies?
They are every where you look.
Do you see the knife?
Laying on the floor.

A lone girl sits in front of the mirror
Do you see the way her eyes are clouded?
They were once bright and hazel,
Now they are dull and confused.
Do you see the way her smile is faded?
Once it was bright and lively,
Now her smile is not a smile at all.

What do I see you may ask?
I have seen the heart break happen
I have seen the smile that was once beautiful, disappear completely.
I have watched the present I see her loneliness and despair.
I can see her future
On the other side of this mirror,
There is someone there for her, only he can help her

Who is the man on the other side of the mirror?
Do you see the way he looks at her?
His stare unselfish
His eyes full of hope and kindness
Do you see the way he reaches for her?
His arms outstretched
His arms wanting to embrace her, comfort her.

What if she looked away from the mirror?
What if he looked away from the mirror?
What if he got the courage to go to her?
What if they got to meet?
What if he could help her through her misery?
What if she could smile once again?
What if her eyes were filled with joy once more?

Could he help her out of the darkness,
Back to the person she once was?
Sometimes life can not wait for the “what if.”
Sometimes you need to stand up and face your fear.

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