When you said you'd always be here

October 14, 2010
What did you mean, when you said you would always be here
We always snuck off, just the two of us
We would jump in the pick-up and not be seen for hours
We would find a country road and blare the rock n roll
We would eye some mud and put ‘r in four-wheel drive
or we would grab our poles and head to the pond
We would get on the three wheelers and ruin my school shoes
However, we would hear from Mom as soon as we reached home
You would hold me down and tickle me
Until I laughed so hard, I cried
But what did I do during those long nights you never came home?
You always told me to wait for you
Well, there I would sit, waiting for days
You would always come back, eventually
Until finally, you never came
And after that, I had to go to you
I remember a dark night your parents and me searched for you in the woods
And when you came out, something was different
That was the first time I ever felt afraid of you
I remember you being passed out on your bathroom floor
And not knowing what to do
After you left, everything changed
Weeks dragged on, and weekends never came
No more sneaking off or fishing
No more Daddy’s little girl
Suddenly, I stop visiting the weekends
You said you would always be here
But why did you make a promise you cannot keep
We’re all growing up, and I stop by to visit you
But how time has flown
For when I see you sitting on that couch,
It looks as if twenty years have passed
And I think about the times we’ve missed out on
There are now doctor appointments every month
And I’m around more and more
Maybe I’m become that little girl again
I haven’t missed a single appointment, not a single word
However, one doctor cuts to the chase
He admits, “You’re going to die.”
And I remember my jaw dropping, fists clenching, and eyes bulging
For, you said you’d always be here
But, you left me at age eight, and you’re leaving once again
Two years later,
After our long fishing trips and endless rock roads,
How much longer do we have?
You said you’d always be here
But will you get to see your little girl get married?
Will you be here to threaten him?
Or will you be here to spoil your grandchildren?
You said you’d always be here
And now, I look in the mirror and see you staring back
You meant it, when you said you’d always be here.

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mickilovesyou said...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 10:40 pm
Wow! This is great! I'm literally tearing up!!! Keep up the good work!
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