October 14, 2010
I look at you, and I see hope, I see future
I feel a smile along with wide, twinkling eyes
Afraid to miss a single movement
I feel hesitation and nervousness
Thinking twice, for I don’t want to mess this up
For I could be with you for eternity
Assuming eternity never ends
I could live, lost in this moment, forever
For, forever is never ending
I look at you, and I feel scared
Scared that I may not know your true thoughts
If there is any questioning
But when I look again, I feel safe
Safe to trust everything you do, everything you say
Your arms around me and I’m not afraid of the world
I stare into your future-held eyes, and see me, staring back
I look at you and I feel my heart beat faster
I feel it skip a beat and I notice my breath is frozen
I see the world spinning
The world beyond you and I
But you, you are so clear
I look at you and I feel sure
But sure of nothing else
My final answer is you
I look at you and I feel unstoppable, unbreakable
I look at you, and I see forever.

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