October 14, 2010
Autumn’s Spell
The coldness snaps
Entrancing colors blot the summer green,
Trickling to the ground
Silent barges of change.
Our breath billows up towards the ever-changing sky
Temporary skyscrapers that drift away with the whispers of the wind
Dew drops build bridges across the dull green blades of grass.
Jagged bare branches slice the sky.
Cold air brings new life to the world it spirals in.
Intricate flowers flash frozen in the creeping cold
Vibrant colors slipping from their hosts.
Crisp crunches accompany footsteps;
The ground is covered
A new canvas,
Beautifully painted
Detailed in every crevice,
Yet waiting to be finished.
Do you dare step on nature’s art?
Create your own paths,
Finish the masterpiece
For the world is waiting.

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