October 14, 2010
By , Fairfiled, CT
Every emotion swirls inside,
inside of me, outlining a reoccurring tornado
too frightening to ever face
I run, I hide, always
So numb I could be at last
a feeling of nothing slowly overtaking within

Then, your face,
it appears in the blackness of my dreams
somehow, someway you have slipped through a crack
a crack in the concrete built around my thoughts
always able to get it
But I never able to get out

Approaching once again, storm
and from my eyes the first raindrop cascades
across the crevasses of ever so soft cheeks,
falling into the ocean with all others that soon follow

Wondering aimlessly, I search for something, anything
You, maybe. No, myself.
Each footprint collectively shaping an arrow forward
They forbid to be retraced by my eager feet
So I turn away from the colorful mess,
I call my past
And onward I continue
To a blank canvas with paint
On the soles of my feet

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