What is Evil

October 14, 2010
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What is Evil?
Evil is a form taken by many people, in all of us,but some more than others.
Evil is the murderers that roam the streets,the robbers that steal our most prized possessions.
Evil makes us run and hide.
Evil is what makes us lose...lose what's important.
The Evil has left a victim or mabye more.
When that Evil is caught, it takes new forms.
Some may say Evil takes the forms of weapons such as guns and knives, but it is the one holding the weapon who is Evil.
There is imaginary Evil like in the movies or books, but they are not real.
Some people cannot help if they are Evil.
Some people don't want to be Evil.
Evil makes you feel like crap.
Evil makes us do crazy things.
Evil surrounds us, but it is sometimes hard to tell.
I don't know much about Evil, but what i do know...don't get in it's way.

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