October 14, 2010
By mrvillamor BRONZE, Dasmarinas City, Other
mrvillamor BRONZE, Dasmarinas City, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you."

And Green was swimming in a stream of Blues
Swimming ‘cause she wants to
Swimming ‘cause she has to
And Green was lost in the midst of Blue hues.

Long ago, she said, “Blue, I have to be,
Destiny is calling me
I shall paint a rainbow of my own blend
Pots of Gold at the end
But Blue I need to be.”

Yet Blue seemed too Gray for her alien taste
She went under river
Lost a bit of color
Drowning herself in Blue-Gray waters

“I am nobody in this deep Blue sea
Burnt in all things salty
I swim around and do nothing at best
No one even cares if I’m Green or less!
I’ll make no rainbow in this mess.”

So Green was bitter when along came Pink
Who recognized her sheen
Who claimed to be Green
Who thought all them Blue-people stink.

“You can’t be Green! You’re Pink all over!
And Pink is such a stupid color!”

“I too am Green! Ever heard of Green-Pink?
And you’re Pink, too, that’s what I think.
You’re Rosey Red with thorns still stuck
So what are you doing in this murky muck?”

“Colour-blind! Don’t lump me with the likes of you!
Rosey’s as worse as Pink or Sky Blue
And for your information, I’m waiting for Rain
Paint a rainbow for Gold I shall gain!”

“I like you, Green. You’re different like me!
You’ll be my first new-found frienemy.
Let’s be Blue and Green and Pink all show
Together, we’ll be our own cool rainbow!”

So they bickered and bantered and laughed at Green jokes
And snickered at all them boring Blue-folks
And Green became Blue and Pink and Rosey Red
And rainbow was there, but finished? Not yet.

But all good colors must fade away
And Pink’s now a trace in this field of Blue-Gray

Back in shallow waters, Green swims in Blues
Swimming ‘cause she has to
Swimming ‘cause she needs to
And Green was lost in the midst of Blue hues.

But she has one thing to say before this poem is through
“You stupid Pink! I fell in love with you!”

The author's comments:
La Salle and Ateneo has always been rivals.

Me, a Lasallian, went to an Ateneo school for college. I was homesick. Nobody understood my humor.

Then, this guy came along who also happened to be a Lasallian.

We were friends for about a week.

Now all we do is text. We rarely see each other and often too busy to talk to each other.

....I really miss that idiot.

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