Ecclesiastical Battle

October 13, 2010
By Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
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Pt. 1

Godspeed on a cloud, he lulls by with grace
as he passes by, I turn towards the light
slowly fading away, as the devil creeps in the night
quickly! angels take flight and hurry down to earth in a race

this cunning demon is ready for the show!
the earth cracks and out pours ghosts and serpentines
goons, goblins, minotaurs, all monsters from hells deepest confines
but god himself is marching troops row by row

The gleam of gods eyes in pale moonlight
catches the great demon- god by surprise
so quickly he bombards me with narrow lies
to take an edge in this abhorical fight

but sheepishly god works his way in
breathed through my mouth and nose
to steal my soul and complete the life I've chose
now exhaling, he rips me from my sin

Pt. 2

now it seems that all is calm and still
but out of earth a deep fire arises
as the devils rage, and army comprises
god steps back in fear of the kill

a great master, swallowed by feeble fear
ruler of the universe, where are you now?
elusive persuasion is reading my thoughts
oh I thought you would always be near!

quickly my head jerks up from a dream!
what was this nightmare filling my head?
ecclesiastical battle , with great bloodshed
maybe Gracious God or an evil spawned devil is not all they seem

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