Ephemeral Chaos

October 13, 2010
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Palpitating breaths slithering through a soul
May this be his last for defying higher ones
everything but his feeling and mind are stolen
for being like a rabbit, spotting death and runs

the reaper stalks his prey, scythe in hand
this man consumed by terror sprints for life
for his soul, the reaper shouts in demand
running from the inevitable, he will surely lose his life

looking towards the skies, for what? merciful rain?
seeing there is nothing there he breaks down in fear
caressing him softly, is the hand of everlasting pain
for he, to, knows death is near

every last drop of sweat runs down his figure
searching for a place to set up a last defense
doom coursing through his body like a river
he runs to a place, house of repentence

so sleekly he closes the massive door
kneeling at the alter he cries for mercy
foolish human! he can not hide anymore
death has won, and there is no mercy

with snakes he's binded securely to a stone bed
death cuts his eyes straight out of his head
thinks twice, then refits them in their sockets instead
for he can watch himself squirm in pain, until he's dead

he leaves the ears also, in their place
so he can hear each and every one of his screams!
next he cuts of the eyelids, no more harm to the face
so he can never re open his eyes, from this never ending dream

so now he draws out of his bag of torment
a single vulture, to eat his heart out
for his wasted time was spent
chasing hope, followed by death all about

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