October 23, 2010
Mirror the Error
I’m a child, I’m a child,
I don’t know mistakes in my deeds,
Else, my mama, father, Uncle didn’t corrects me,
My uncle gave me a face mirror ,
I thought he cares for me,
No, no, nope and ever
But his face mirror did that,
I saw my face in that mirror,
My face was dirty and rough
Then I made a face neat and smooth
I saw my curling hair in that mirror,
And it is combed unproperly like field,
I washed my hair and combed it properly
I saw my body ,It’s like impish
Rough and rude creature I’m
Then I made my body as beautifully as shiningly
I thought that else mama ,uncle father
No, one corrects my mistake
But the mirror changed me, Though
It changes only outer surface of the creature
But my mama , father, uncle
Corrects the mistakes in my inner surface in my mind
Surely, I thought, for humane outer surface
Is not important for ever and ever
Inner surface of the mind is always
Cute, pretty and gracious one
That can made only by
My mama , father , uncle
So now the mirror is error for me

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Fallen4Ever said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 7:08 pm
You are very clever with your words which i think brings out the best effect in a writer. You hide the meaning inside and only the true ones may unlock your meaning. Poetry is a very lovely form of writing and i think u have a good talent in this type of writing. Please write more! :)
SpringRayyn said...
Oct. 26, 2010 at 9:58 pm
This doesn't make any sense to me. ???
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