She let go

October 3, 2010
By randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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There was this girl at school
that people ignored
She was really quiet and when she walked by she would lower her head
She was bullied constantly
and people talked about her harshly
No one knew she dreamed to be a song writer
that she loved to cook
or how she rescued a kitten and nursed it back to health
that when she laughed, you would laugh with her
that she loved to watch movies
and how happy her little brother was when she read stories to him
when no one else would
how much she cried becuase of her parents
When they found her, there was a letter you know?
On her bed,half way crumpled
it said,"I had no choice but to let go."
I wasn't her friend and I barely spoke to her but when I heard of the news
I cried and I felt the sadness and guilt that built deep inside me
I thought of how much pain she must have been in to do that,to let go
I wish I had the guts to talk to her,to get to know her
And the thing that was messed up was that people knew she was lonely
how lonely she must have been
So I swore in both thoughts and words that I would be a friend to everyone i meet

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