closer to happiness

October 3, 2010
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Why did you say those things?
you broke your promise to me
The pain is like the stinging of a bee
I can’t fight back the tears
They don’t stop they just keep on coming
The feeling is starting to set in
The emptiness,
I can feel my heart breaking
And the horrible aching
I trusted you with my heart
And you soiled it
If you care for me
Then stay,
Why must you go ?
Why must you leave?
Our relationship was just starting to grow
I thought you were my prince charming here to save me
But instead you’ve left me in despair
You played an important role in my life
so tell me why you’ve just gone and disappeared?
You said you would never
And yet you have
I escape what is reality
And enter my own world where I relive all those cherished memories
As I’m surrounded by darkness and despair
The thought of what used to be is
Slowly fading in the distance
No matter how much time passes
the pain while never heal
people come into our lives for a reason
some may stay only for a while, others forever
for the same reasons they came
there is a time when they must go
I do not choose
When you will stay
Or when you will go away
The hurt I feel shows how much I cared
The hurt you don’t feel proves
I’m a heartbreak closer to my true love
When you see me you’ll see a smile
But there’s only sadness,
There is no peace
But a slight dim light
With a glimpse of hope.

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