A Weekend

October 13, 2010
Friday –
Dad takes his daughter to a football game.
Matching baseball caps, lightning-bright t-shirts.
She wants to go out to dinner and spend money,

his heart breaks for what he cannot give;
She absent-mindedly mumbles “I wish mom could be here.”
His eyes fill with tears –

her heart breaks for what they cannot have.

Saturday –
A girl is meeting a boy to look at a blurry menu.
She curled her hair, he actually combed his for once.
She leans in, he sighs “I’m glad we’re just us.”

her heart breaks for what they cannot be.
He looks away.

his heart breaks for what fear cost him.

Sunday –
A child is swinging,
Red dress poofing up with tangled hair flying, an angel in the making.
She jumps… she falls.
Tears from her face, blood from her knees.

her heart breaks because she has no one to notice.
But she’s wrong – big brother comes running,
He scoops, she clings.

his heart breaks because they only have each other.

Just a weekend, just people.
All breaking, all me.
We break when we cannot give what someone wants,
our hearts cry when someone near us is gone.
We crack when we are rejected,
our hearts bruise when we let fear stop love.
We are crushed when we cannot be someone’s “world,”
our hearts are guilty when we have to be someone’s only world.

My heart breaks and heals,
loves and feels,
One weekend at a time.

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