My Open Closed Eyes

October 13, 2010
By xnasaga BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
xnasaga BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Through my eyes I can see only sorrow passing in my life. The horror of what my eyes can see should not be what I child my age should see. Pain falling upon me everyday, there is no running away from it. These tears I shed, I am unable to control them. For what I can see with my eyes hurts in every way through my mind and also my body. As soon the pain is strong enough to drown me in a sea of tears I shut my eyes. I shut my eyes tight so no more pain can be seen. The pain has gone to another world, but I am still scared. No one has taught me this emotion before,the feeling of a rebellion takes place in my mind. These tears I shed, what are they? These tears are not from the pain. Why am I crying if there is no pain?

The author's comments:
My Friend Grace had chosen the title for me since I was having a hard time thinking of what poem I would write so she gave me the title "My Open Closed Eyes."

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