Truth Held Within

October 19, 2010
By Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
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You see the color of my eyes
The softness of my skin
You hear the laughs that I make
But you don't see the pain within
You don't see the tears I have shed
The sacrafices I have made
The heartache I went through
You see the mask that I put on and I hope my true flesh fades
Only knowing what's on the outside
Never know the truth held within the dark depths of my soul
Don't look down and try to find the truth
The depths are dark, lonely, grimy, and cold
Continue looking on the outside
Don't let my pain, sorrow, and heartache make you worry
For I know for a fact, no one is ready to hear my story

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