let me be the first to say

October 12, 2010
i look out at you all
with your wide eyes
your expecting this touching story
but to me those are lies

just people screaming out
they all want attention
but excuse me
did i forget to mention

that secrets are meant to never be told
and your reminding me to whisper
but its really getting old

so let me be the first to say
your not any better than me
ya your lifes different
but thats how its supposed to be

so stop trying to be so unique
because its getting you nowhere
stop spending time
on your makeup
and doing your hair

cause people are gunna talk
and your gunna look ugly
but your you
so dont let anyone say differently

because your looking for love in all the wrong places just wanting attention from unfamiliar faces

beleive me i know
ive been there and back
but the people that love you
theyll help you relax

and i know truths gunna hurt
like a stabbing in your side
but once its all out
you have nothing to hide

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