New Love

October 12, 2010
By krazimonica BRONZE, Miami, Florida
krazimonica BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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He rapidly hugged me
Like the first time you encounter with the world
quickly noticing that it was the begining.
The start to our story
Chapter after chapter
His eyes bright like pearls
That allows me to see
Beyond the beauty
Of the only love thats ours
So colorful like the rainbow
Confusing in good tone
Exciting because its the begining
The begining to live
like the first day I saw the deep blue pool eyes of my mother
by conecting her feelings to mines
The begining to explore
When the caressing wind blows on me
now knowing how it feels to let go
letting go to the old
And cherishing the now
Because for him I see
I see the new me
The new love that one day
will let go
And fly free
Because for now its just you and me

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