Nothing Lasts Forever

October 10, 2010
By kaylaederby BRONZE, Carbondale, Colorado
kaylaederby BRONZE, Carbondale, Colorado
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You screw in a light bulb, then it burns out
You write in the sand, it washes away
You take a picture, then it fades
You draw on your hand, and it's gone the next day

We all know that change is the only constant
We all know that nothing lasts forever
though you try to convince yourself
Which isn't very clever

I had a best friend
we were connected at the hip
the next thing I know
that connection kind of split

I told my other friend and she said
"Nothing lasts forever, and it sometimes makes you cry
cherish it while you can, because it won't always be around
you say forever and always even though it's a lie."

I thought about this a while
and realized she was right
Now I have no trouble
Getting to sleep at night

What happens, happens
there's nothing you can do
next time someone says forever
please know that it's not true

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