October 10, 2010
By Anonymous

The blade
The edge
Its shine
I love it so much it’s like a shrine
Should I indulge?
Who’s there to stop me if I were to go?
Who would really know?
Do I take my life
With this open ended knife?
Why am I here?
Why can’t I go?
Tonight I feel so alone
I sit in the dark
The blackness closes in
I am swallowed whole
Here my life goes
I sit on my bed with all of my sadness and regret
I watch my life go
Erasing all my faults with my open ended blade

What am I doing?
What am I thinking?
How could I let myself go?
How could I be so bold?
I would be missed
There are people who I have loved
I have a life to live
I have a future to obtain
How could I be so selfish over a little pain?
I can’t do this
I can not even see
Why I would be compelled do be so mean
I would hurt my relatives
I would kill my friends
I would murder my parents
I can not afford to be so rash
If not for me, then for them I will stand
There will never be a knife in my hand

Forever I will stay
I will not hurt myself that way
I have too much life to live
I have too much to live for
How could I be so foolish before?
I love my life
I love my family
I love my friends
No longer will my life be at an end

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