October 10, 2010
By JustinBlaesing DIAMOND, Racine, Wisconsin
JustinBlaesing DIAMOND, Racine, Wisconsin
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"It takes a second to say I love you but a lifetime to show it" " Love is like the air we breath. It may not always be seen, but it is always felt, used, and needed"

I look around to see I'm on water
I panic and start to drown
I start to calm as waters still
I stand and run, I can run on water
My mom found herself standing
I see mothers mouth open wide
Tears start to fall as she cried
I guide her off the shore
I told her to stride for what you
She looked in my eyes with fear
She held mhy hands so I steered her out
I told her don't fear just trust
She lifted her head and smiled
I never knew she trusted me this much
She began to play and laugh
She twisted and tuned trying to dance
She pranced across the water in joy
She looked at the shore with fear
I took her hand ad said you are ok
She looked at me scared and said
Thank you for the fun
I said you just have to trust
Trust the waters and they will keep you safe
I do trust and i will never forget this she said
We started to walk to shore
As a wave pushed us to shoe together

The author's comments:
this was my first poem I ever wrote. I wrote this poem when my parents were getting divorced. In the story I was the one drowning and I didn't trust anyone because I was lied to alot. When I wrote this tears started to fall. I didn't know why, but now I do. Love is always in the air. No matter what happens. Someone always loves you, and will never stop.

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