December 10th 2009

October 10, 2010
By , hendersonville, TN
Dear diary, I will write in you when i can.
Dear diary, your the one one who knows of my pain.
Dear diary, to you i say im sorry.
Dear diary, you are my only friend.
December 10th 2009
I write of my lonely life and all that i have seen
I write of the ups and downs and the times when i scream.
it seems to me Dear diary,
that everyone who talks to you
has a story to tell
but Dear diary i am nothing lost in a huge well.
Its later in the day Dear diary
and not much has passed
the storm of pain is gone
and im happy--at least for now
but i know this feeling will not last long
i will come back in a day or two
singing the same old sad tune
because Dear diary
noone but you listens when i cry Dear diary,
noone is there when i need a hug and kiss.
And Dear Diary I write in you with hope,
that someday when i die
my dear diary someone will find
and finally someone will be there when i cry

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