October 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I thought,
Maybe without you here,
I could breathe.
Finally have space to live,
But instead I suffocate.
Suffocate seeing all the couples
That have what we had.
Suffocate looking through all the pictures,
The memories.
I suffocate with the weight of the world
On top of me.
The weight of everything I am missing
Without you.
My life was once
Whole and complete,
Because I had you
To sweep me off my feet.
But now,
All I do is suffocate.
You kept me calm, cool, and collected.
But all I see are the little cracks on my surface.
You are my glue.
My rubber cement.
But this was my lament
To us.
My ode to the future.
Without you though,
I fear I won't have one.

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