Governmental Venting

October 10, 2010
By Matthew La Corte BRONZE, West Paterson, New Jersey
Matthew La Corte BRONZE, West Paterson, New Jersey
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We have problems.
And if were supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow, maybe its time for us to look at the calendar today
Why am I the only one to ask?
Does the republic win when a republican wins?
Or democracy when a Democrat gives into political hypocrisy?
Were in Iraq where are the WMD’s?
And why is Blackwater being treated like VIPS?
Ain’t no more pleasin, or appeasin, the Vietnamese-in
I question the progress of congress, the evolution of the so called second American revolution
And Afghanistan? We can’t afford an occupation when 10% of our people don’t have one.
And why is the government trying to overshadow our words, like Saddam when he tried to overpower the kurds?
Eugenics and a new world order, setting protesters up for new world slaughter.
Goin after brothers and daughters
The sons of liberty need a resurrection, politically yes, but the beer won’t hurt
Dear Adam Smith, the wealth of this nation is as dead as you are.
Government getting bigger, we got welfare and we got healthcare
But whose payin for all that? We are.
So you can take your wallet out and throw it.
Cause it doesn’t matter anymore, we all soon to be broke
We payin, but not just us
Our people back home from Jersey, Texas, Massachusetts, even Alaska.
We are the future, but they are too.
You know those kids, the ones who sit at home, eat Doritos, play Call of Duty, and listen to Katy Perry sing about Californa girls.
Oh, and why does she spell gurls like that?
So let’s be leaders shall we and change this world.
Time for our rebellious young rebels to finally rebel against the system
Before this country falls like Rome, so somebody can write a tragic poem
Cause we’re aware of Washington on the Delaware, his clever endeavor.
Were coughing out ideas, sicker than a hammer and sickle.
Droppin knowledge like Truman dropped bombs, like Jesus dropped psalms.
Droppin lines of truth on a daily basis, in the midst of dissenting faces, like Americans on Afghan military bases.
We’re goin break down walls, just ask Gorbachev
So I just got one more thing to say
The Founding Fathers did the impossible with the Revolution, why can’t we?
Thank you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this forthe National Young Leaders Conference talent show. July 2010.

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