What I (Really) Want

October 10, 2010
By Katiebean SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
Katiebean SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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“Reach for the Stars,” because that is what colleges want.
“Try your best!” Because one day, it might actually be appreciated.
“Just remember, you are unique.” Just like every other student in the world
Don’t tell me one more time to reach your standards
And don’t tell me one more time that I am “one of the best and brightest.”
What would you do if I didn’t want to be a doctor, an engineer, or lawyer?
You would really support me no matter what? I doubt it.
What if I wanted to be an actor? An artist? An activist?
What if what I want is unconventional and isn’t what you would call “successful?”
How proud would you be then?
If I gave up everything, would it really be anything if it isn’t what I want?
Knowledge isn’t englightening if it is forced,
And it sure isn’t uplifting if you’re already jaded.
Can anyone really stand up for themselves anymore,
Or does everyone get that caught up with going with the flow of things?
People need to let go, just a little bit.
They need to try, just a little harder.
What if everyone went for exactly what they wanted?
How dynamic the world would be,
Success being defined by happiness, not wealth or occupation.
They say we don’t use ninety percent of our brains
And if that is true, than how much of our own potential do we actually use?
Don’t get me wrong.
Being intelligent and going to school
And following in the footsteps of your parents
And living in suburbia with 2.5 children is absolutely fine:
Assuming it is what you want.
We enter academia full of bright eyes and smile,
We are capable and excited and enthusiastic
What happens?
Do dreams and goals get lost, or are they simply muffled with time?
If we understand our circumstances,
Can we make a pledge to be truly successful:
Successful on our terms?
We can stand up,
Fight the system,
Choose our futures,
Be happy,
Be successful….
Our listen to those with “our best interests in mind.”

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