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October 2, 2010
By Casper1 GOLD, Wytheville, Virginia
Casper1 GOLD, Wytheville, Virginia
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"Nobody can hurt me without my permission." --Gandhi, " Light, the visible reminder of invisible light"- T.S Eliot, "God made the dark so we could see the light"- five girls.

I wait along the riverbank with dry tears and cold breath

It is a cold, lonely night
I think of the cruel and selfish world that I am forced to be with
The anger wells in me like a burning fire
Never will I love as I use to, never will I trust again
I clench my hands knowing these thoughts will never help
Why me? I ask again and again
I feel numbness as I say your name through the cold, dark fog
I close my eyes and realize what has been done
You are nothing

And I will never tell
I will be as a ghost to you that comes then goes
This will be your punishment that I will hold against you;
Death of a beautiful and insist girl
Among the trees I will lay. A burden to your thoughts
My blood will be clean of the pain and suffering you caused
It will lay beneath me as will it all
See me as I scream, see me over and over again
Your dreams I will haunt forever
I loath the thought of you, as you will with me,
But I pour my own blood and know your death will come soon
If guilty minds are what they say, you soon will be gone
This is my revenge

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