my once apon a time

September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Once apon a time,
back when i was happy,
everything was mine,
just to keep me happy.
I know i probobly sound like
a crazy spoiled brat
but everything was just right
thats why i act like that.
now you want to know,
why my lifes not good,
even though you shouldnt be told
ive done all that i could
the only problemb i had
was a crazy step dad
he really ticked me off
mom was stairing at the clock
maybe we shouldnt have left,
or maybe it was the right thing,
all i know is that,
in that hotol i could think
the only night without him
a night that was my own
to do whatever i wanted
to make myself look bold
i know i dont have long
to talk about it now
but this is my life's song
that tells you when and how
so if you want it to stop,
then to bad for you
why dont you just go die and drop
cuz your confusing too
my once apon a time
wont have a happily ever after
because noting is mine
i can still hear that cold mans laugher
so now you get your wish
unlike unlucky me
because i am finshed
but my pain still covers the sea

The author's comments:
my past experiences with family have been troubeling and somwhat terrifying. This is the story of what happened

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