The Better Pain

September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Only when things go wrong
Do I turn to the better pain
Where the fresh red streams flow
Is the result

The red warm liquid that streams down
Represents the life that I lost.
The life I used to have
And the life that you took from me.

You ask why do I turn quickly
To the better pain
I turned because you cheated on me
yet you said you loved me

I turned because I saw you together at birth
And then you divorced
Used me as a weapon
So I blamed myself
I turned because everyday
The people laugh at my existence
From the rumors spread about me
And you spread them
So you ask why did I turn to it.
The better pain
Because I couldn’t control it
And no one cares
To watch helplessly as your life is taken
I couldn’t love, care, or live for you enough
To ensure these things wouldn’t happen to me
But this is a better pain
I can control it
When I no longer live and are now empty
This pain is better than what you all have done to me.

P.s Oh, If you wonder why I’m dead, you shouldn’t have done it.

The author's comments:
I put my heart into it.

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