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October 10, 2010
By , reno, NV
Side to side ride to ride day to day night after god forsaken night, I pause I think, not about you no, about everything. this

World is big. It has a lot of dark alleyways a lot of hidden gems a lot of quiet places hidden in loud places I’ve done a lot of

Thinking and what have I realized? That nobody cares nobody even notices how nice the rain is how nice a light coat of dew on

Grass looks let alone feel. Hearing a bird chirp its heart away nobody cares about these things nobody listens to them I’m not a

Tree hugger I enjoy those things that people neglect. I interact with the people that get neglected because someone should

Care so that’s my place my place is to care about all the things you don’t hear and care about, because if I don’t who will?

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