October 10, 2010
By melancholya BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
melancholya BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"What the spell is going on here?"-Professor Dolores Umbridge, A Very Potter Sequel

Dark clouds obscure the shining, reflected light of the moon
Whilst women huddle in a single room
Fighting off sickness, betrayal, injustice
But most of all, the fear that one of the number
Might actually be what they all are accused of.

The wind whips through the single window
Flying hair everywhere, producing unstoppable shudders
Yet not a single flinch is coaxed out of one of the group
For she is what she is accused of
What every women in the room doesn't want to be
Yet she is

The biased courts, of course, prove all to be guilty
Unlawfully, unfairly, injustice prevails over the day
Just as Hades reigns over Hell
Which is where all are thought to worship
The Devil, Satan, Hades, give him what name you will
They say they worship-when they don't
Not even the true one

She takes her stand before the noose
Staring straight at the one whose testimony won over
Those biased judges
Without even using a single spell, a single curse
She forces the one who forced her to stand there
To what she deserves
Which was what she was about to receive
To have the one who did nothing to you, killed
You must die then to
For their death will remain on your hands forever
They will work, but be covered endlessly with bright red blood
To you, at least

It was better just to die by the noose as well, wasn't it?

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