Between The Gods and The Sea

October 10, 2010
By simsl12 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
simsl12 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Rain fell on the old village leading into the sea.
Warmth scarcely gathered from linen cloths.
Sprawled and empty they laid collapsed supporting each other.

Leaving refuge in hopes of another.
Strong hewn oak supports above their heads.
Keeping the cold at bay with heat at heart.

Lost in life with an eternal transcendent dream.
All the sweet words they whisper.
Keeping each other tight and near.

Failing to sleep feeling so alive of only staring at each other.
Succumbing their bodies functions with while holding each other.
To dream and dream, to wish and wonder to wake up in morrow and find one another.

Sprawled in Anguish. She tries to heave with force.
But it has already set in replacing the very blood in her veins.
He desperately fumbles powerless in his being.

Crush the bones of his toes and he’ll walk to for days just to keep her alive.
Twist the joints of his fingers and he’ll write just to keep her awake.
Tear the woman from his world and the underworld grows two stronger that night.

He cannot help but moan and tear his worst fear coming true.
A knife rubbing against a vein pulling, and tearing.
He concludes his final thoughts and looks down with her at the ocean.

Artemis herself looks down from her crescent moon to this shattered soul.
With loud cries,moans yells and screams cursing the very gods.
He blames them and only them for this misery and yells louder out to sea.

Now hallow in being he breaks, collapses and depression itself expands and envelops him.
When hades arrives with death crawling fresh behind him hiding it’s vileness behind his knees.
With Pit black teeth and stained red eyes he stares at the man.

With a battered heart you yield to dying love, causing you to bleed.
Given only one wish you would wish for eternity for laugh and love to give more ably.
This love is unheard of, man is full of greed, and you sacrifice any necessity to fill the most minute of her needs.

So I give you a choice, but I will not give you her back for her soul now roams the pits of the underworld.
Aglaea is one of my queens with beauty most obscene.
She would love you as you are the paladin to her heart, with love and earnest care she would love you as eternally as the sun burns.

Still he toyed with her hair as if heart was still beating, silent as the sea that laid forward.
He stood tall to the Scourge that spoke only death and gave only misery.
He held him self tall and said I need not one woman to replace her nor them all.

The author's comments:
For the queen of my heart

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