Since Whne

October 10, 2010
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Since when has it been a crime to care
Since when has cuddling been a crime
Since you did them
Since when have I felt more at peace
Since when have I felt more crushed
When you merely waved after we were best friends
Since when have I become a betrayer
Since when have I been the jealous type
Since you made me
Since when have I known
Since when have I cared
As long as I'm at peace with you
My love
Since when have you started to say goodbye to me
And only me
Since when have I told my friends I wish I could go back four nights
And secretly add that I would do it all the same
Since you touched me
And maybe
Just maybe
We'll touch again
In a time where cuddling isn't frowned upon
In a time where six people don't watch us just to see "How we move"
In a time where maybe it doesn't matter that you don't like me like that
In a time where it doesn't matter that you've dated four of my best friends
Since when have I felt this way
Since when have I got a jolt when you say my name
Since you made me

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