Sail boat

October 10, 2010
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falling in and out of our friendship hold
a boat rocking against the current
i want to sail away to my future
the current of your lies and tears and my gullibility hold me back
the sail of your expanding pride and temper and my hidden feelings expands with the wind of truth comes blowing and the majestic sail
the tiller of decisions and sight guides my boat

You make me feel like a rock along the beach. I am picked up, examined, eyes catch my imperfections, pointing them out to peers.
and then. Oh and then. The current stops throwing me off course. The wind stops blowing.
And the sun, the sun of your laugh, your happiness, the way you make me feel special. Your my Allison. The brunette version. And i forgive you.

But there are clouds in the distance. And i'm scared that this storm will blow my boat away.

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