What I Want

October 3, 2010
Sometimes I don’t know
What I really want, except
It’s not what I have

Sometimes, I’m nostalgic
For something I’ve never known
Except maybe…the sun on my back

Or the desire to see a clear day
Where the clouds are made of cotton balls
And the trees are actually green

Or…maybe I want peace
For the world, for the people
For me

Is that the feeling?
Peace? It seems too strong a word
Maybe…something smaller, yet more powerful

Something like…hope
Hope; I want hope
Hope for everything I care about, and everything I don’t

Like all those girls with fake affection
Tramping along the school hallways
Without their lipstick smudged onto their teeth

Or maybe for all those homeless on the streets
With a cup and a sign of cardboard
Wanting money, but all a scam

Or perhaps…even for those who have never
Known love
I hope, and pray for them

But maybe I’m just praying for myself
To give myself hope for another day
That I can conquer anything

And then, when the day comes
When the trees are actually green
And the sun is on my back

Maybe then, I’ll know
The hope for myself is a hope for others
And the world might know peace

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LilStinka said...
Oct. 25, 2010 at 2:01 pm
Wow! that was really really good! I loved how you said peace seemed too strong a word, how you needed something smaller yet more powerful!! Awesome line ;)
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