October 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I see hurt,
And I feel hurt.
It is a furiously roaring ocean, whose waves continuously beat at the shore line with angry fists
It is ominous, underlying like an invisible fog or vapor
And I can feel it the way a thorn would pierce tender flesh
And I can see it in the flash of anger that appears in their eyes, the flicker of hatred that gleams in their pupils
And I can hear it in the inflection of their words, the hidden meaning behind their seemingly benign invocations
And it tears at me, but I cannot bow to it
You see, I’ve been building these walls for a long time now
Every wrong a shackle on my heart
It is a silent agony
I wish I could love you, but I would not even know where to begin
Do you not realize that we are trapped together?
I am bound to your hatred and I am trapped,

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