Even Angels Feel Pain

October 11, 2010
By makearhyme BRONZE, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
makearhyme BRONZE, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
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The place where we go is beautiful
The sun is shining; the birds are singing their heavenly melodies
But all I can see is angels wrapped in black, cursed by sadness
Holding their flowers, the ground below is drowned in tears
But I noticed one angel who had no sadness
No tears streaming down his face
Instead a smile replaced the frown
And laughter replaced the organ’s deep groans
But as this angel moved towards me, the happiness started to fade
The laughter was no longer there
As I held this angel, his strong back began to quiver and shake
Soft sobs were coming from his mouth
As we held each other the world seemed to stop
The birds disappeared and the sky turned an awful gray
Soon those sobs turned to tears that were absorbed by my dress
That day, at that very instant, I saw that angel cry
When that beautiful innocent face was cursed by sadness
And when his tears drowned the soft soil beneath us
…..There was nothing we could do
That was the day I saw my best friend cry

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