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October 12, 2010
By IzzyEatsAirplane BRONZE, Nixa, Missouri
IzzyEatsAirplane BRONZE, Nixa, Missouri
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"Love does not dominate; it cultivates."-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I watched the hearse come to an abrupt halt,
Quickly glancing around,
I the only person in sight,
I thought nonsense, what would they want with me?
A preview of my future,
A watered-down gray limb hung lifelessly out the window,
Flesh knawed off to the bone in patches,
A frightful sight,
I allowed a single shriek to tear its way up my throat,
Like a cat desperately clawing it's way out of water,
It erupted through my senses,
Blood curdling screech of pure terror,
Forcing my being on vibrate mode,
Whole body trembling,
The suspense hung muggy in the air,
As I awaited assuming the worst.
Clothed in black, the tuxedo appeared elegant,
Against the pale gray creatures,
They decend from the vehicle with such grace,
I was awe struck, even seeing their grotesque figures as beauty,
Black pits served as eyes, a gaping hole as a mouth,
These beings carried the stench of death like an old friend,
The pits stared intensely into my eyes, searching farther,to my soul.
My breath seemed weak, I could feel the color draining from my body,
Like an artist erasing his mistakes,
I was becoming one of them, in moments.
Their mission was clear, make me heartless,
The hearse was a prop, a scaretatic,
They were robbing me of all hopes with minor glances,
Anger welled inside: Insanity! Who could steal the innocence of a young girl!
Inconceivable! The thought of torturing a youthful spirit!
Unheard of! Depriving a child of joy!We are all, them, the future if we continue in our wicked ways.
Then again, who ever said life was fair?

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