Twinkle Toes

October 12, 2010
By delilahsky PLATINUM, Arlington, Massachusetts
delilahsky PLATINUM, Arlington, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Just because her eyes don't tear doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry. And just because she comes off strong, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong

-Author Unknown

From the doorway
her beady eyes find me
sprawled across my bed;
hot cheeks,
runny nose,
stinging eyes.
She pitter-patters toward me
to investigate
and ends up
jamming her ribs into my chest,
and her soft tongue
cleans my tears away;
reminding me again
of the innocence
that is my dog.

All four pounds of her
press onto my stomach
and those tiny brown eyes
stare up at me,
begging for a smile,
which I cannot help but give
as her belly warms my hand
and I feel her heart
beat against my own;
reminding me again
of the innocence
that is love.

As rain pounds against the window,
frightened ears perk up
and those same glassy eyes
look to me for safety.
I bring her close,
stoke her gray fur,
and whisper
“I’ll always love you”
into her ear.
It is a familiar phrase,
but today is special
because today she needs me
more than I need her.
She nestles her wet nose
into the pocket of my neck
and shuts her eyes;
reminding me again
of the innocence
that is trust.

We are dancing
around the living room;
a curly tail wiggles,
name tags jiggle,
and all at once
she starts to wheeze.
I scoop her up
and hold her tight,
silently praying
that her trachea opens again
like it always does
when she gets too excited.
At last, peaceful silence;
fresh breaths,
reminding me again
of the innocence
that is fun.

A blue leash tugs me
down the foggy road
and I can’t stop myself
from laughing
at the bouncing silhouette
of a Chihuahua on the other end.
I call her name,
Twinkle Toes!
but she does not hear,
or perhaps she just wants
to keep running forever.
I giggle to myself
and jog close behind;
not worrying about
where we’re going,
not wondering
when we’ll get there.
I just follow the delightful sound
of four little paws on the ground.
And again I am reminded
of the innocence in me.

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