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October 12, 2010
By TJENZ67 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
TJENZ67 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
every down could be yous last...

I was born November 23, 1993
Sacred hospital, in Spokane County…
Washington State, home of the evergreens
Never mean, unless you mess with my family

98’ and 99’ my two uncles died, man that changed my life
When I heard the news I almost cried
I was 5 but still held it inside

They both died of a heroin overdose
Talk crap about’em, your gonna lose some bone marrow
They were native, not Mexican, didn’t wear a sombrero
The only path they had in life was so dang narrow

They didn’t have a dad, barely had a mom
Only had their brothers, to rely on
They were out on the streets from dusk till dawn
They didn’t have a choice, but to be a con
They listened to rock, not no akon
They were always on drugs, not off and on

I have a story that even shocked me
Me and my cousin were chillin at Mc’Ds
My cousin, just bought a dodge intrepid
That same night, his crazy self wrecked it
Bumpin his music wasn’t payin attention
Ran a red light and almost sent us to heaven
And that was in grade seven
I’m just happy that there wasn’t a tombstone sayin rest in peace Tyler Jennen

We got t-boned by a Honda accord
I had a sharp pain, like I got stabbed by a sword
The other chick got out, and looked upset
Asked if I was ok, I said heck yes

She knew I was ok, and she got all mean
She just left Fred Myers to get a lean cuisine
Now that is what you call, an expensive meal
Two totaled cars, with locked up rear wheels
To this day my cousin swears that the light was green
But truthfully, it’s kinda hard to believe

But now everyone grew up, and moved apart
Last time I saw my cousin was last march
One of my cousins just went to jail
Only way to talk to him for a year is through letters and mail
That’s their life, but mine as well
I want to succeed in life, I don’t want to fail

I learn from other peoples mistakes
My life isn’t bad, I think it’s great
Just know that anything can happen, and people can be gone so fast
Every time you see them, it could be the last

And sometimes you know when death approaches
I knew, because my grandmother had tuberculosis
And now, my grandpa is going through problems with his heart
Every down I play is dedicated to him, even practice at Hart

And if you hate your family I hope that you listen
Because once they’re gone, you’re really gonna miss’em
When I die I want to see everyone I love, at the pearly gates
But for now my home is home, in Washington State

The author's comments:
this is my life so far...thats about all i can say about it.

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